Digital Mirror

The digital mirror was first conceived as a massive art installation for Roskilde Festival. It was an idea me and a team of three others came up with for Roskilde Create 2014.

The concept was to build a 10 metre high tower, with three walls. Upon these walls would be projected a digital representation of its users. People would be able to use the installation by nearing a platform on one side of the tower, where a kinect would record whatever they did for a short while, and then project it upon the walls of the tower. As more people would use the recording mechanism, the first users would see them self move up higher on the tower walls.

The art installation became a stepping stone towards a bachelors thesis, developed by the same group of people. This time we delved into the mirror part of the installation, studying user behavior in front of a digital mirror that reflects and augmented perception of its users.

This project challenged me in:
  • Bending the Kinect to my will.
  • Theoretical depth.
  • Elaborative design.
  • Hardware sketching.
  • User tests and data gathering.