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I'm a creative and technologically gifted interaction designer. Every now and then I find something I don't yet know how to do, which kickstarts me into a mode where I am consumed by the idea of finding out how to bend this new project to my will. This eagerness to explore new territory has given me a versatile skill set which I see as an attribute to the conventional IxD Toolsetâ„¢.

By education I hold a B.Sc. in Digital Media and Design from the IT University of Copenhagen. I spent the second year of my bachelors as an exchange student at Georgia Institute of Technology, where I attended all the Industrial Design courses I could possibly fit into the 168 hours of the week.

This combination of a playful and exploratory nature and my specific focus through a tailored education gives me a comprehensive insight into the design process, both theoretically and through the experience gained through the projects you can see further up on this page. Furthermore it creates in me a huge desire to perform excellent user-centered interaction design in the real world.